Car Camera Bus (C2B)

Analog Devices Car Camera Bus (C2B™) is an innovative new camera link technology enabling HD video over Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) cables and unshielded connectors. C2B provides an easy upgrade path from SD to HD cameras without the need to change the existing cable and connector infrastructure. C2B enables a camera link with reduced system cost, significant weight savings and increased robustness. The C2B portfolio of transmitter and receiver devices enable seamless camera connectivity in the vehicle. The C2B technology was defined and designed for automotive applications and provides a robust camera link solution for these applications:

Rear View Camera
Surround View Camera
Electronic mirror

Product Selection Table

Car Camera Bus C2B

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SortOrderPart#Primary FunctionInput TypeOutput TypeAutomotiveNDA RequiredTemp Range
1ADV7993 C2B Tx 16-Pin Parallel C2B Yes Yes -40 to 105°C
2ADV7992 C2B Tx 12-Pin Parallel C2B Yes Yes -40 to 105°C
3ADV7383 C2B Rx C2B 16-Pin Parallel Yes Yes -40 to 105°C
4ADV7382 C2B Rx C2B MIPI-CSI2 Yes Yes -40 to 105°C