Battery Management Solutions (BMS)

Analog Device's Li-ion battery monitors enable deliver reliable, and robust, leading measurement accuracy over time, temperature and operating conditions.

ADI set the Industry standard for 12V Stop-Start BMS by integrating the complete BMS system (dual precision ADCs and precision reference, ARM processors, Flash Memory and Transceiver) into one market dominating System in package (SiP).

Applications for our Battery solutions include electric and hybrid electric vehicles, 48V/12V Li-ion, high power portable equipment, backup battery systems and high voltage data acquisition systems.

High Voltage Battery Stack ManagementLearn more about our high voltage battery stack management solutions. In this video we discuss combining precision cell voltage measurements via LTC6810, LTC6811 and LTC6813 with synchronous stack voltage and current measurements via LTC2949 on a single isoSPI bus with fault tolerant communication.

See our comprehensive list of battery management solution (BMS) parts.

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